Substance Abuse Policy

Substance Abuse Policy

In Ratoath Harps Football Club, the use of drugs, alcohol and tobacco shall be actively discouraged as being incompatible with a healthy approach to sporting activity.

Coaches/managers shall not smoke when taking a session or drink alcohol before taking a session.

In relation to our under-age teams Ratoath Harps Football Club shall endeavour to organise receptions and celebrations in a nonalcoholic environment and in a manner that is suitable for the age group concerned.

Our coaches/managers/committee shall act as role models for appropriate behaviour and refrain from drinking alcohol at such functions. The Football Association of Ireland has directed that under no circumstances whatsoever can any person under the age of 18 years consume alcohol and all appropriate steps should be taken to ensure that this policy is strictly adhered to.

Our coaches/managers shall promote fair competition through the development of sound training practice and should actively discourage the use of any substance that is perceived to offer short cuts to improved performances or to by-pass the commitment and hard work required to achieve success.

Coaches/managers will also try to ensure that those in their charge are aware of the harmful side effects or the illegality of proscribed drugs or other banned performance-enhancing substances.