Physical Contact Policy

Physical Contact Policy

All managers/volunteers of Ratoath Harps Football Club are advised that:

Any necessary physical contact should be in response to the needs of the child and not the adult.

It should be in an open environment with the permission and full understanding of the player.

It should be determined by the age and developmental stage of the player. You should not doanything that a child can do for him/herself.

Coaches should not treat injuries out of sight of others. Use a “Two-Deep” (two personnel, or two players) supervision system. Only personnel who are qualified in administering First Aid or treating sports injuries should attempt to treat an injury.

The comfort level and dignity of the player should always be the priority. Example: Only uncover the injured area or cover private areas of the athlete’s body.

Any doubts of a medical nature should be passed on to a suitably qualified medical person. Coaches should not play injured players.

Comforting/congratulating players is an important part of the relationship between coaches and players.

Guidelines for this type of touch are:

Limit touching to “safe” areas, such as hand-to-shoulder. It should not involve touching genital area, buttocks, breasts, or mouths.

Make your intention to congratulate or comfort clear to the player. Get permission from the player before embracing them – remember that personnel are in the position of power.

Respect a player’s discomfort or rejection of physical contact. Be sure that touching occurs only when others are present.

Avoid unnecessary physical contact and never engage in inappropriate touching