Photography, Filming Policy

Photography, Filming Policy

Many people use cameras and video equipment at soccer activities and the vast majority do so for perfectly legitimate reasons. However, there is evidence that people have used sporting events to take inappropriate photographs and video footage of children and young people in vulnerable positions.

Ratoath Harps Football Club has adopted a policy in relation to the use of images of players on its website and in other publications.

Where possible we will try to use models or illustrations when promoting an activity and avoid the use of the first name and surname of individuals in a photograph. This reduces the risk of inappropriate, unsolicited attention from people within and outside the sport.

Rules to guide use of photography:

  • If the player is named, avoid using a photograph.
  • If a photograph is used, avoid naming the player.
  • Only images of players in suitable dress will be used to reduce the risk of inappropriate use. The content of the photograph should focus on the activity, not on a child.
  • Where team/group photographs are used with accompanying names, a random order of naming will be used which will not correspond with the order of appearance in the photograph.
  • We will follow the child protection procedures for reporting the use of inappropriate images, ensuring either the designated person or, if necessary, the health boards and/or Garda are informed.

    Amateur photographers/film/video operators wishing to record an event or practice session should seek permission/accreditation with the children’s officer, team manager/coach and/or event organiser. This club will display the following information prior to the start of an event to inform spectators of the policy:

    “In line with the recommendation in Ratoath Harps Football Club’s Code of Conduct, the promoters of this event request that any persons wishing to engage in any video, zoom or close-range photography should register their details with the organisers. Children and young people should only be photographed or filmed with their permission and/or the permission of their parents/guardian”.

    When commissioning professional photographers or inviting the press to an activity or event we will aim to ensure they are clear about our expectations of them in relation to child protection.

    Professional photographers/film/video operators wishing to record an event or practice session should seek accreditation with the children’s officer/event organiser/team manager by producing their professional identification for the details to be recorded.

    We will then:

    • Provide a clear brief about what is considered appropriate in terms of content and behaviour.
    • Issue the photographer with identification which must always be worn.
    • Keep a record of accreditations.
    • Inform players and parents that a photographer will attend an event.
    • Not allow unsupervised access to athletes or one to one photo sessions at events.
    • Not approve/allow photo sessions outside the events or at an athlete’s home.

    Videoing as a Coaching Aid:

    Video equipment can be used as a legitimate coaching aid. However, permission should first be obtained from the player and, where the player is a child, the player’s parent/carer.

    Anyone concerned about any photography taking place at events/matches or training sessions should bring their concerns to the attention of the team manager, a committee member, a coach or the children’s officer.