Managers/Volunteers Induction

Managers/Volunteers Induction

Welcome to the club!
When someone is new to the club getting to know other managers and knowing who is who within the club is can be quite daunting. There are also the practical things like where are the like switches or the keys to open the toilets etc. The following section will hopefully help get you on your way.


Club members, spectators and visitors are asked to please refrain from parking cars in the Steeplechase development. Parking by Club members on the narrow roads in this private development has the potential to seriously inconvenience the residents there. Car parking is available at the Barrack Field Pitch 2 (The Coderlios), at Cityjet Park (the all-weather pitches), and at the Pitch & Putt Club, with whom we have reciprocal parking arrangements.

The “Shed”:
The shed is the small structure that is on the left as you drive past the small all weather. The door on the left can be unlocked with your Master Key. Inside here you will find a bunch of keys that will unlock the right-hand door of the shed and the portacabin toilets and changing rooms. Please remember to always put this bunch of keys back once you have unlocked what you needed to. The next manager may need them also.


The door on the right contains all the light switches. These can be broken down into 4 sections.
1. Small Astro Floodlights

2. Main All-Weather Pitch Floodlights.

3. Rear Grass Training Area Pitch 6 Floodlights (training only).

4. Front Area/Car Park Lights.

Small Astro:
The small astro is used for training and the academy. It is also hired out. Entry to the small astro is via the single gate (see photo) which is unlocked using your master key. Please remember to turn off the floodlights and lock the gate when you are finished. Please also ensure that all empty /unwanted bottles are removed from the pitch.

Main All Weather:
The 4G main all-weather pitch is the envy of all visiting clubs. This is a major investment by the club and its members and needs to be treated with pride. Access for players, managers and referees is via the double doors at the front right of the pitch (see photo). Anyone entering the playing surface must wear moulded studded boots only. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS. If you notice anyone on the 4G surface without the appropriate footwear please ask them politely to leave and enter via the spectators’ entrance. All spectators must enter via the single gate at the front left of the pitch (see photo). Both these gates can be unlocked using your master key. Please remember your master key is for your use only and not to be lent to anyone. Please remember to turn off the floodlights and lock the gate when you are finished. Please also ensure that all empty /unwanted bottles are removed from the pitch.

There are several mobile goals available for small sided games (SSG). These goals are normally stored outside the main all weather (see photo). Mobile goals require two people to move them and should only be moved using the bogey’s provided (see photo). When on the playing surface the mobile goals have built in wheels which may be used. Please do not drag the goals as this will damage the nets. After your match is finished please remove the mobile goals from the all-weather.

Training Roster:
The training roster is available on our website. This is where you will find your training slots and can be changed from time to time.


Book a Pitch:

If you require a pitch for a friendly or training area outside of your normal slots on the training roster you can reserve a pitch using the “Book a Pitch” link on our website. In order that there is no cost for this booking it is best that you contact the Book a Pitch Co-ordinator and they will book the pitch for you. At the start of each season the co-ordinators details will be issued to the managers.

League Matches:


Every Sunday/Monday the NDSL/MGL/LSL will put the fixtures for the following weekend up on their websites. The Striker Online will post these fixtures on their Facebook page at the same time and this is the easiest way to find out where you are playing the following weekend. However, kick-off times can change for various reasons and so it is vital that you check your fixture on our website on Wednesdays. If there are further changes our fixture secretary will contact, you directly to advise. If you are playing away, the day before your match you are responsible for contacting the opposition to make sure the match is still on. Each club will have contact details on their website. There is nothing worse than getting up early at the weekend, driving an hour and then finding out that the pitch is unplayable, or the referee is not available.

Referees fees must be paid by the home team. As manager you will need to collect subs every week to cover these fees. The fee varies and increases as the age group gets older. The amounts are available from the league website and do change from time to time. If you are involved in a cup match each team splits the cost of the referee.

After every match you will need to text/message your result to our fixture secretary. At the start of each season the fixture secretary details will be issued to the managers.